Events | 16 March 2018
Sanova Dermatology Baton Rouge Grand Opening

Sanova Dermatology, formerly Dermasurgery Center of Baton Rouge gets a new name and a new building

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Events | 28 October 2016
Thibodaux Regional Wellness Center; Grand Opening

WHLC was present yesterday for the Grand Opening of the Thibodaux Regional Wellness Center. We are proud to have been an integral part in the design and delivery of this tremendous facility.

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Events | 16 October 2015
Lafayette General Foundation 2015 Gala

The Lafayette General Foundation hosted it's annual Foundation Gala yesterday evening at the La Marquis Ballroom in Parc Lafayette. What a success!

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Events | 7 July 2015
WHLC and FIXUP! Mid City 2015

Rex Cabaniss reflects on his experience with the Mid City Redevelopment Alliance's FIXUP! Mid City 2015 event.

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Events | 25 July 2014
Biscayne Beach Ground Breaking

WHLC congratulates GTIS, Eastview, Thom Filicia, BC Architects, Plaza Construction and the whole Biscayne Beach team on a successful groundbreaking.

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