Viewpoints | 4 February 2020
IMAGINE PLANK ROAD: Plan for Equitable Development

Facilitating community-wide creative input, Build Baton Rouge Envisions Transforming the Plank Road Corridor in North Baton Rouge

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Viewpoints | 19 July 2019
The David E. Roberts Center for Economic Development

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC) partnered with WHLC on the renovation and expansion of their downtown office building to reflect the innovative and dynamic culture of the region as the organization works to connect and develop the business community.

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Viewpoints | 17 May 2019
Branding Through Interior Design

WHLC's Interior Design Studio works with Business First Bank to reinforce their brand across multiple branches.

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Viewpoints | 7 February 2019
Do Big Ideas Require Big Budgets?

WHLC is designing smaller spaces with big ideas across multiple sectors. While the firm has historically been known for big healthcare projects, multi-story condo buildings, major office buildings, and multi-faceted master plans; several recent projects highlight creative, unique, and thoughtful designs regardless of the project size or budget.

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Viewpoints | 5 October 2018
The Baton Rouge Health District
Viewpoints | 6 June 2018
Good Patient Room Design Aids Patient Recovery

Research from The University Medical Center of Princeton confirms the importance of design in patient recovery

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Viewpoints | 14 February 2018
Fostering Community Fitness Through Healthcare

Thibodaux Regional Medical Center’s new Wellness Center is featured in an article by Healthcare Design Magazine. The article highlights how Thibodaux Regional set out to affect lifestyle changes in their community by developing ways to engage with their patients outside of the typical doctor’s office visit.

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Viewpoints | 12 January 2017
Creating a Home That Is Uniquely You

How WHLC approaches Custom Residential Design

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Viewpoints | 18 February 2016
This Way, Please: A Cure for Hospital Signage

A look at how new strategies, including interactive digital displays, are making it easier for hospitals to assist patients trying to find their way through hospitals today.

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Viewpoints | 20 October 2015
Making Senior Living Feel More Like Home

Senior Living facilities are changing as Baby Boomers start looking into the options that are out there. Modern seniors are seeking options that are more personal, with additional choice, and that are integrally connected to larger cross-generational communities. Provident Development Group and WHLC showcase a new model for Senior Living in Provident Village at Americana.

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Viewpoints | 17 March 2015
Airport Expansion Restores Grand Entrance

WHLC's design of the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport expansion solved a complex challenge: How to restore the original vision of the BTR airport as a dynamic public space that brings together passengers and families, while providing the enhanced amenities and security required of a modern airport. The new expansion reestablishes the BTR airport rotunda as an iconic gateway into Louisiana's capital city.

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Viewpoints | 3 November 2014
Designing the "Library of the Future"

WHLC Principal, Rex Cabaniss, offers his insight to the design process, challenges and opportunites, presented by the River Center Branch Library project.

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